At present, I have two greyhounds: Philip and Henry. Both dogs came to us through Golden State Greyhound Adoption. I learned about greyhounds through a series of articles written by Eileen Mitchell in the San Francisco Chronicle. Eileen Mitchell writes about her dog Elvis, a retired racing greyhound (duh). I determined that I would acquire a retired racing greyhound at the first possible opportunity.

Said first possible opportunity came in 2004, when Matt and I bought a house. As soon as our offer was accepted, I began scheming. I contacted the adoption group to ask if I should file an application right then, or wait until we got the house. “Right now,” was the answer. The end result was that Philip was with us within two weeks of moving in.

The trials and travails of raising Philip are well known to most readers of this site. If you happen to be uninformed, back editions of the Needlenose News tell the tale of worms and dietary woe. (He’s a lovely dog now.)

Soon after Philip settled in, I began longing for a second dog. After dodging many offers of collies and avoiding the acquisition of a dog we dog-sat for, Matt and I decided to “foster” a greyhound. The group had recently brought 14 dogs from a closing track in Juarez, Mexico, and we thought we’d help out. Self-interestedly, I planned to adopt our “foster” if it worked out. It did, though not exactly as planned. Henry turned out to be from Colorado, rather than Juarez; two, rather than three; and with a broken shoulder. He’s now a valued member of the greyhound pack.

Greyhound on the beach!Philip
Henry on bedHenry

What do I think of greyhound racing?   Not much.

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  1. Wendy Nomuraon 26 Apr 2007 at 12:51 pm

    Kim, Matt, Philip, and Henry,

    Hello to all. Just being nosy….How goes the training? Hopefully well, so we don’t have to see more battle scars in the next NN. Poor guys.

    I need to get back to work now. Hope you are having a relatively stress free week. TTFN.

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