Who’s Who

A list of key players in and around the Miyasaki-Renquist household.


Kim and Philip

See “About” page for the basics. Kim is the author of all or nearly all of the content on this site. It is her creative genius that provides the text.


Matt and Philip
Again, see “About” page for the basics. Matt is the technical wizard who makes the web page work. It is his computing genius that provides the functionality.


Philip and Kevin

Kim’s brother. Now Matt’s brother. Kevin lives in Fresno, does something related to health care computer systems, and recently purchased a Subaru WRX to replace the on-permanent-loan truck. Kevin is the source of the Wii, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and other time-consuming video games. Kevin refers to the greyhounds (accurately, I must admit) as “crotch monsters.” He openly mocks the Needlenose News and will probably feel the same about this website.


Philip computer

Also known as Philip A. Greyhound, especially when registering for web pages. Philip A. Greyhound lives at 666 Privacy Invasion Lane, was born on 6/6/66, and has the e-mail address philip@fake.com. His doggy alter ego lives with us, and, when lying down, consumes approximately 1.5% of the floor space in our house. (Note: he does not generally lie on the floor, preferring the sofa or bed.) As you may have noticed, Philip figures prominently in many of our pictures. It is likely that pictures of Philip will outnumber pictures of Matt and Kim combined. Philip’s hobbies are sleeping, eating, and going for walks. He also enjoys barking at the mailman and chasing anything that moves. Philip has his own web page at: www.dogster.com/?215181.


Henry on bed

Henry’s full name is Henry Octavius, as in the Herman’s Hermit’s song “I’m Henry the Eighth, I am.” He had a broken shoulder which rivaled Philip’s worms/food allergies for veterinary start-up costs. Henry is four, and is very playful. His hobbies include shaking his dog bed, playing with squeaky toys, and relocating items from the laundry and recycle bins. His personal web page can be found at www.dogster.com/?370795. As Henry suffers from second-child-syndrome, his web page is probably not as compelling as Philip’s.

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