When your website is based on a template, you sometimes get things (like this page) that you’re not sure what to do with. Sure, I could erase or rename the page, but I think it’s just a lot more fun to work with it and, well, mock it. The confusion begins because the page is titled “About.” About what? About the website? If you want to know about the website, you’d better ask Matt, because I don’t know any of the technical details. I just have a neat little interface that I type in that magically posts stuff on the internet. Techies, away! There are, however, things I can tell you about. They follow.

(By the way, I know underlining without links is frowned upon, but the formatting just looks better that way. Forgive?)

About Kim

Born: June 1, 1978, in Fresno, California.
Currently resides in: Sacramento, in an adorable if sometimes inconvenient 750 square foot house built in 1920-something without the benefit of any insulation. Search the site for more details.
Current job: Teaching 13-year-old rug rats science.
Hobbies: Reading, reading, reading. Authoring award-winning publications such as the Needlenose News and this website. Quilting, occasionally. Gardening, occasionally. Replaying Dragon Quest VIII on Kevin’s PlayStation 2. Acquiring greyhounds. Planning to fix up the house.
Anti-hobbies: Cleaning. Making phone calls to strangers. Watering. Cooking. Driving.

About Matt

Born: April 22, 1978, in Daly City, California.
Currently resides in: See information for Kim, above.
Current job: Technical support for the department of Evolution and Ecology at UCD, as well as for Kim and Kevin and assorted other folks.
Hobbies: Um…
Anti-hobbies: Um..

About Ex-Racing Greyhounds

Greyhounds are one of the oldest breeds of dogs and can run very, very quickly. (I’ve heard 40 miles per hour.) Although illegal in California, a number of states still practice greyhound racing. Dogs that aren’t fast enough, are injured, or are too old are “retired” from racing. If they’re lucky, they’re adopted. If they’re not, they’re killed. There’s lots of information out there that is more erudite than I, so I’ll leave it at that, but if you’re looking for a nice pet, please take a good look at ex-racers. They’re big, but very sedate and sweet.

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  1. Donald Miyasakion 10 May 2007 at 4:16 pm

    I have perused your website and have found it very entertaining. I like the layout. Good job Matt.

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