Kim or Matt related July 23rd, 2014

My parents dropped Riley off today for the beginning of his week-long visit. He’s with us until Friday, when Kevin picks him up for the weekend, and then will be back when Kevin goes back to work. Today, Riley met the big dogs (he wasn’t thrilled) went out to lunch with my parents and me at Jack’s Urban Eats, and walked to the Tupelo’s to get coffee with Matt and me in the evening. With all the excitement, he’s all tuckered out.

That’s not to say there haven’t been some hiccups along the way. Riley hadn’t had much to drink today; he didn’t have any of the water I put out for him, although he did have some ice at Jack’s. I knew he was thirsty after the coffee walk, but he only had a few sips. That is, until I got my own water.

Apparently Riley prefers filtered water. So that’s what’s in his bowl now, which he has, naturally, not drunk.

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