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Greyhound related July 21st, 2014

My latest greyhound acquisition came home on June 7th, the week before I got out of school. I ended up having to wait two weeks after we first met him, but it worked out to be a good thing, because it took him longer than a weekend to learn to use the dog door. (Why don’t dogs ever teach each other anything useful?) Since the last week of school was minimum days, though, I could come home early to let him out.

He only took about four days to figure out the dog door, which is about half the time it took Sophie. (Not coincidentally, he did not require a trail of kibble down the hallway to lure him out, either.) Jack Jack was enticed by the opportunity to bark at squirrels at will. (Why don’t dogs ever teach each other anything useful?) Actually, Jack Jack doesn’t bark, but he never misses an opportunity to go check out squirrels with Philip. At least they get along, I guess.

We kept his name, although it’s not really my fave, mostly because Matt insisted he knew it. I maintain that all he knows is high happy voice, but what’s done is done and it does suit him. My minor modification is to call him Jack Jack, rather than just Jack. You know, like Jack-Jack Attack? Also, it just sounds natural to me, I think because I’m accustomed to two-syllable names.

Jack Jack doesn’t care what you call him, though, because thankfully (and by design), Jack Jack is a very easy dog. He’s six, so he’s the highest energy of the dogs, but he’s still a greyhound, so it’s not so bad. As is natural for a dog, he loves his walks, and when I pick up the leash, I’m now surrounded by jumping dogs snapping their teeth. (Sophie substituted this annoying habit for the even more annoying demand barking, and she taught it to Jack Jack. Why don’t dogs ever teach each other anything useful?)

Walks have become largely separate affairs for Matt and me, as I jog the young dogs (also known as “the pack”) and he shuffles with the old man (also known as “the mouth breather.”) This holds even when we take the dogs to the river, so last time, we took two cars. Typically, however, we end up back about the same time (the young dogs just go farther), so yesterday, we decided to try all the dogs in one car. They fit!

(Sort of.)

This works only because neither Philip nor Jack Jack care that much about their personal space. So the old man got in the car first (Matt has to lift him), and then Sophie. Jack Jack got in last, and squeezed himself into the remaining space. (See! Easy dog!)

If you put all the dogs in the car at the same time, like we did on the way over, you get this:

with the pack sticking their heads out one window and the mouth breather sticking his out the other.

Overall, Jack Jack has been a fantastically easy addition to the household, and it’s not been nearly as logistically complicated as I thought. The peace will last until Wednesday, when my parents bring their adolescent terrierist for a week-long visit. That one’s going to be interesting.

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  1. Wendy Nomuraon 15 Mar 2015 at 12:49 pm

    Too cute!

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