So imagine this. . .

Greyhound related May 19th, 2014

. . . it’s 7 pm. Still light out. Matt and I put on shoes to go to the grocery store.

And Sophie starts jumping around and capering and generally begging and pleading for a walk.

Now, this would be normal dog behavior in a normal dog. But Sophie, bless her pointy little head, is not a normal dog. She’s a dog on two different types of anti-anxiety meds (trazodone and paroxetine) who flat-out refused to leave the house on a leash starting last August. She’s actually been out on regular walks for the past few months, but always in the dead of night, when there are very few people around. Last time I tried to take her out during the day, she looked around and then hopped back up the steps and nosed at the door. So. That was pretty clear, and we quit attempting daylight walks.

Until yesterday. Since she asked, I figured, sure, let’s try, thinking she’d look around and head back in (again). But no!

Sophie walk

She went for a 20-minute walk, in broad daylight, and our neighbor evenĀ talked to us (voices upset her), and she didn’t freak out (unduly).

So maybe we’re finally making some forward progress. It’s only been two years.

And actually, on that note: Sophie took hot dogs from Kevin two weeks ago!

Kevin feeds Sophie

Maybe there really is hope!

And, um, just in case there isn’t? I might be getting another dog this weekend.

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