It’s Spirit Week. . .

Kim or Matt related March 8th, 2014

. . . and that means Kim in costumes.

Monday was Black and White Movie Day — we were to “dress like an old-fashioned black-and-white movie.” I don’t have a lot of Hollywood-worthy fashions, but I do have a lot of black and white clothes. A whole lot. Like, I’m turning into my mother a lot. So that was an easy day for me.

Tuesday, by contrast, was Colorful Day — “wear lots of colors.” (Since I work in the ‘hood, the sign was later amended to read, “NO SOLID RED OR SOLID BLUE.” Sigh.) Another easy one for me, although I will admit to buying the tights specially.

Spirit Week MT

Wednesday was Gender Swap Day — “girls dress like boys, and boys dress like girls.” Predictably, more girls than boys participated. I bought the jacket and tie at the thrift store for around $5 total, found a pair of match-ish pants and a shirt, and borrowed Matt’s belt.

Thursday was Hippie Day (as if my kids had any idea, although the school did smell suspiciously like weed all day). Matt and I had to dig around in the garage last night to find the bin where I’d stashed the skirt I made the last time this was a Spirt Week theme. (In fact, since the costume is exactly the same and the last picture is so good, I didn’t bother to take a new one.)

Friday, as always, is School Colors Day. You would not believe how much I hate our school colors. Orange and green, really? Really? Also, fake flowers in one’s hair are poky.

Spirit Week WRF

And now, with Spirit Week finished, I have a weekend of blessedly minimal grading and a whole normally-dressed week to look forward to. Yay, I guess.

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