I want a puppy!

Kim or Matt related March 2nd, 2014

Mom and Dad came up this weekend with the super-adorable nine-week old Riley. In addition to giving everyone a chance to savor the new-puppy smell, Dad and Kevin were installing screen/security doors. I, naturally, was mostly concerned with the puppy. (Duh.)

Riley, equally naturally, was mostly concerned with treats. As Mom says, “Nothing wrong with his nose.”


It didn’t take him long to cotton on to the fact that he got food by sitting, not by trying to eat my hand.


Okay, so in this picture he’s only sit-ish. But by the end of the evening, I had a sitting fool on my hands. Matt, Kevin, and I were all in the kitchen, making soup, cooking the delicious Alaskan salmon Kevin brought back from (as you might guess) Alaska, and reheating vegetables, respectively, and Riley was following all of us around in turn and sitting. He was very much in the way. (But still super-cute!)

And even though he didn’t eat dinner, he’s just a very small dog, so he couldn’t eat too many treats. (“Kimberly,” my mom said. “You’re going to make my dog fat.”) All the same, he was very disappointed when training time was over.


I was, too. He is really just that cute. Mom said I could have him for the next three months (she wants him back potty-trained, able to pee on command, and leash-trained), but Matt said no. I’m sad now.

Of course, Mom is plotting to leave Riley with me while I’m on spring break (“I’ll need a break by then,” she said), so. . . I can haz puppy?

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