Grapefruit and keys

Kim or Matt related January 25th, 2014

This is a story of grapefruit and keys, and while those may seem an unlikely combination, I cannot really tell the story of one without the story of the other, so both stories it is, then.

Once upon a time, my keys looked like this:

keys 1

(Sorry about the blurry photos; I had to take these shots in a hurry because Matt needed to take Philip to acupuncture (itself a whole other story) and my car was parked behind his in the driveway, and thus, he needed my keys. Could I have retaken the pictures later? Yes, but it’s a blog, for heaven’s sake, and they’re pictures of keys, for heaven’s sake, and I decided if I don’t care, you shouldn’t, either. Anyway, back to the main story. . .)

I keep my school keys on a wrist coil, so I only had the car key and my house key. And then Kevin bought his not-even-a-mile-away house, and I got a spare key. Knowing my fondness for Phineas and Ferb, when he saw a P&F key, he had to buy it. . .

keys 2

. . . even though it was ginormous. And I love it, so I kept it, even though it dwarfs all the other keys and doubled the weight of my keychain. I kept it, that is, until today. Kevin has a grapefruit tree in his backyard that is (a) raining fruit and (b) feeding rats, and he wanted to harvest the fruit so as to stop both (a) and (b). So off we went, to East Sac Hardware, in search of a fruit-harvesting solution that didn’t involve purchasing a taller ladder. We found it, in the form of a fruit picker, but Kevin had a Home Depot gift card, plus he wanted to look for a pole that could fit different types of accoutrements in addition to the fruit-picking basket, so he didn’t get it. I, however, got several items (a toy rake for Sophie, as she’s afraid of raking noises and Nancy thinks smaller raking noises will help her adjust; a Microplane grater, as the handle of ours, which Henry chewed up a while back, just fell off; and, most importantly to this story, a new key.)

keys 3

While Kevin was browsing hardware, I was browsing keys. And when I found this cute panda key, it seemed like a no-brainer to make the Phineas and Ferb key (which I really do love, but it’s so heavy!) into a spare and carry the panda key every day.

So that’s what I did. And then off we went to the Home Depot, where it turned out the fruit picker was more expensive (ha!) and the multi-functional telescoping poles did not come with fruit picking baskets anyway. Which meant we would have to go back to East Sac Hardware, which was good for me, as I was thinking about how unfair it was that the key to Kevin’s house was cuter than the key to my house, meaning I needed to find a cute key for my house, too, and Home Depot’s supply of keys was vastly inferior to that of East Sac (double ha!) So off we went, again.

keys 4

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I got a ladybug key for my house, and possibly how cute it looks with the panda key. You, however, are wrong. I got a ladybug key for Kevin’s house, and a panda key for my house. Why? Because the panda key is cuter than the ladybug key, and it didn’t seem fair for the cutest key on my ring to open a house that wasn’t even mine (although it might as well be, because I swear I spend more time in it than Kevin does at this point). So, long story short(er), I gave the panda key to Kevin to give to Mom, cut a new (ladybug) key for his house, and cut a new (panda) key for mine. Good thing keys are cheap.

Kevin bought the fruit picker, and we headed back to his house (finally!) to harvest grapefruit, which wasn’t nearly the dreadful chore I thought it would be, and was actually rather fun.

picking grapefruit

It was a little dangerous, though, as many of the grapefruit were so (over-)ripe that they came tumbling down at the slightest provocation, meaning you had to duck to avoid being clobbered by, well, grapefruit-sized missiles. Also, did you know grapefruit trees have thorns? I did not, although I do now, and to add insult to injury, I also got grapefruit juice in my eye, which hurts, by the way. At any rate, we managed to harvest most of the accessible fruit and trim some of the branches hanging over Kev’s roof, and he has friends who apparently really like grapefruit, so he even has a way to get rid of the boxes and boxes of grapefruit we harvested.

eating grapefruit

I like grapefruit myself, but not boxes and boxes of it. I took home four. Although I do have to admit that the grapefruit was pretty darn tasty.

Kevin now believes he owes me dinner again, because dinner last night was bribery for the Ikea trip that preceded the Great Hardware Store Odyssey and did not take into account two hours of making sure he didn’t fall off his roof and break his pelvis plus grapefruit harvesting. I don’t really figure he owes me anything (he has helped us so much in the past that it’s kind of nice to be able to do stuff for him), but if it makes him happy, well, I’m hungry. Besides, one can never have too much family togetherness. Or something.

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