Post-Christmas in Monterey

Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related January 3rd, 2014

Matt and I spent a low-key Christmas at home this year, with exactly the same menu as the last time we did this. It was a very relaxing holiday, which was really just what I needed. Besides, there was no shortage of family togetherness, since Kevin just bought a house near us, and the whole family helped him move in on the 26th.

Fox and Goose family photo

(Matt took this frankly frightening photo of us at breakfast the next day, at the Fox and Goose, which has, bar none, the best corned beef hash I’ve ever had. I also strongly recommend the scones. With Devonshire cream.)

After that, Matt and I took Sophie to boarding. Why did only Sophie go to boarding, you ask? Because she has become, as insanely improbable as this may seem, still more crazySince last I wrote, she started refusing to go outside. No walks, no car, no dog park, no, no, no, no, no. Finally, we just gave up, Sophie became a shut-in, and frankly, all of us were happier. (I did call Nancy back in, and she did have some recommendations, and we are working on it, and we did go back to the behaviorist, and Sophie is on new meds, and this is really a story for another time.)

Long story short, Sophie was going to have to be boarded for New Year’s anyway, as there was no way she could: a. travel to Fresno, or b. deal with the Fresno family gathering. So Matt and I decided to board her a few days early and take a Philip-only vacation. We chose Monterey because it was on-the-way-ish to Fresno, we haven’t been to the aquarium in years, and it’s pretty dog-friendly.

So we got a nice little hotel room off the main drag, and spent a few nights in Monterey. Matt and I were happy because it had a refrigerator and microwave. Philip was happy because it had an extra bed.

Philip's bed

Every morning, we’d get up at our leisure (except for the morning we got up before sunrise because Matt wanted to “catch the nice morning light”) and wander down to the harbor, stopping for a coffee along the way.


Matt liked the harbor for the boats.


I liked it for the seals.


Philip liked it for the opportunities to sniff and pee.


We spent a few afternoons in Carmel, on the off-leash city beach, where Philip proved he can still run (albeit slowly, as I can keep up with him now).


And after a few days, Philip was so exhausted, he would sleep just about anywhere.

Matt and Philip


When we got to Fresno, Philip slept for two days straight. “Kimberly,” my mom would say. “I think your dog is dead.” But he wasn’t. He was just really, really tired. He is old, though, so we’re glad we took this little one-dog vacation.

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  1. wendyon 16 Jan 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Hi Philip! It was great seeing you! I would love to meet Sophie, but since that would cause her more stress….

    See you later!

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