Celebrating the Fourth with peace and quiet

Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related July 6th, 2013

Philip fears very few things. Fireworks, though, are one of those few, and they’re legal in Sacramento. Thus, as much as possible, we spend the Fourth on the road. We opted, once again, to spend this year’s Fourth on the beach in Point Reyes.

This is our first Fourth with Sophie, so we weren’t sure quite how it would go. As I feared, the first few hours were trying; she got splashed on the side by a rogue wave, so now she won’t go near the water (the same wave, I might add, knocked Philip off his feet and was pulling him in when Matt got to him, but you don’t see Philip complaining); and she spent most of her time looking around fearfully to keep an eye on the movements of nearby strangers (as well as changing position to better monitor same). We gave her lots of treats, and she was relaxed enough to take them, so overall, she did pretty well, but it wasn’t exactly fun.

That is, it wasn’t fun until Sophie had an idea.

Her idea was to move to a little inlet close by, walk as far up it as possible, and lay down there. At that point, we had a pile of driftwood to the back of us, plus hills on either side, leaving only one, easily visible, entrance. After pulling me determinedly toward her desired safe spot, Sophie finally went to sleep.

Matt and Sophie nap

Philip, naturally, had other ideas. Primarily because he was hot.

Philip naps

Because he’s a trustworthy old man, we opted just to let him stay down there. And sure enough, he slept there until he got cold, at which point we bundled the dogs into their coats, moved into what was left of the sun, and all huddled together.

Kim and Sophie

Well, that was the plan, anyway. Sophie declined to cuddle. Philip, as always, managed just fine.

Matt and Philip

Our normal course of events is to stay on the beach until the sun sets or we get too cold, whichever comes first. This year, it was the latter, aided by a strong sand-bearing wind blowing into our faces. Since looking at the setting sun hurt, Matt and I decided to put the dogs in the car and watch the sun set from there.


(The sun was setting, I swear!)


All told, we had a very nice Fourth of July. No fireworks and no 113° weather. I call that a win.

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