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Kim or Matt related , Quilting & sewing June 23rd, 2013

. . . I don’t really like garment sewing.

finished tank

I gave up on making my own clothes years ago because I lack both the skills, and, more critically, the patience. Case in point: this is a really simple piece of clothing — two pieces, one with darts; four seams; one hem; three bound edges — and it took what seemed like forever. To finish the seams nicely, I did faux French seams on the shoulders and sides, and bias binding on the neck and arms. Were either of them difficult? No. Do I like the way they look? Absolutely. Did I find them both extremely tedious? Yes.

I also made a significant number of rookie mistakes: I forgot to add seam allowances when I cut, so this is the original, minus ⅜” per seam. I think I actually like the slightly more fitted version, but it affected the neckline and I don’t love that. I accidentally made double-fold bias tape rather than single fold, so I had to finish the neck and arms twice. These things happen when you don’t make a muslin, which was a calculated risk I took because I was sewing a copy of a shirt that I know fits. (Knitters: it’s like not making a gauge swatch.)

Anyway, I don’t love it, but it took care of the sewing itch, so I’m calling it a win.

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