Greyhound walk and photo shoot — to musical accompaniment

Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related , Quilting & sewing June 23rd, 2013

Although there’s apparently a massive storm on the way, it hasn’t started yet, so Matt and I thought we’d take the dogs to the river before we get rained in. Since the light was nice, I thought the walk could do double duty as a photo shoot for my new top. An evening walk by the river is always nice, but tonight, we got bonus musical entertainment!

band practice

It’s the Moonlight Classic (34th annual!) which, amusingly, Sacramento apparently stole from Stockton last year, and then promptly screwed up due to an inability to turn on the stadium lights.

At any rate, it was nice to listen to, and since it didn’t seem to bother Sophie, we were free to actually enjoy it. Aside from the music, it was your bog-standard greyhound river walk. The dogs sniffed,

nose work

I posed for pictures,


and we all came home in a car that smells like wet dog. Happy Sunday, everyone.

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  1. Danielleon 07 Jul 2013 at 9:30 pm

    You guys look so happy and enjoying vacation. it has been so long. i need to catch up. miss you.

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