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Kim or Matt related , Quilting & sewing June 21st, 2013

Everyone in the quilting blogosphere, it seems, is talking about voile tanks at the moment, so I thought I’d like to get my hand in. My main problem, besides lack of time/inclination/material, is that I’m too lazy to find a pattern and too cheap to pay $10 for the popular patterns I’ve seen.

Summer solved the lack of time. My sewing kick solved the lack of inclination. A trip to Joann’s to stock up on zippers today solved the lack of material, as I found a super lightweight Swiss dot fabric for half off. And thus, we returned to the pattern problem.

I’ve never drafted a pattern before, but I do have a few easy tops I’d like to duplicate. So I dug around on the interwebs and read up a bit, and when Kevin and Matt went to seeĀ Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D (which makes me vomit), I drafted a pattern. It’s not much to look at.


I was going to start this tonight, but then I realized that I should probably prewash garment fabric. (I’m out of the habit of prewashing quilt fabric, and it has made me so, so happy.) So I guess I’m adding it to the list.

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