Mass production

Quilting & sewing September 3rd, 2012

This has been a very productive summer for me in terms of quilting (and essentially nothing else).  I’ve finished a lot of projects that were in progress, and even managed a handful of new ones.  Collections of pre-cut fabric pieces help, because they reduce the cutting required, and give a nice scrappy look without requiring that I identify and cut a bunch of fabrics.

No intended recipient on this one.  It’s from a nice pattern I found on Etsy.

This one’s not slated for anyone yet, either.  (Everyone I know is having boys.)  I love the bright, happy colors, the graphic patterns, and the fact that this was insanely easy to make but looks complicated.  My quilting philosophy is that the best quilt is the nicest-looking result one can get from the least amount of work.  This is a good exemplar of that philosophy.

This one I finished a while back, actually, but I liked it so much, I wanted to wait until I found someone worthy of it before giving it away.  It’s going to Matt’s college roommate Andrew and his wife Crystal.  (Always assuming I get it in the mail; this one might make it there before the birth if I’m prompt.)  It’s made from 2.5″ strips, which came in a collection of 42, but this quilt only used half.

The other half, believe it or not, went into this one:

I got the patterns from a book, and I’m really pleased with the way they came out.  I like the first better than the second, but both are quite nice.

No intended recipient on the second one yet, either.  I’m building up quite the stash.

I also made a few more traditional quilts, from one of my favorite pattens.  Four fabrics, one block — about as easy as it gets, but I love the look.

This is going to our college friend Rob and his wife Cassie, and it’s late, as per my usual M.O.

Same pattern, but using fabric I’ve had stashed for years now:

This I think I’m sending to my high school friend Amanda, just because she was pointing out way back in high school that she’d liked Classic Pooh way before it was cool.  It just doesn’t feel right to let anyone else decide what to do with this one.  :)

And last, but not least, my absolute favorite.  It’s for my colleague Sean and his wife Catherine’s third baby, and it’s very, very, very late, but I’ll be forgiven, because both of the older kids got fantastic quilts themselves.  Catherine is so appreciative of the quilts, I’ve been having a mini-contest with myself to up the ante each time.  I hope they’re done having kids, because I don’t think I can top this one.

This is my first try at applique in a long time, and I’m really pleased with how the name turned out.  I also love the British-themed fabric (Catherine is from England, so it’s very appropriate) — it has Big Ben!  And black cabs!  And double-decker buses!

This will probably be it for quilting for quite a while, since I go back to school tomorrow.  Probably just as well; I think even I’ve had enough for a while.

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  1. Corrieon 04 Sep 2012 at 7:10 am

    Wow – amazing quilts! As a former quilt recipient myself, I know that they will all be much-appreciated!

  2. yvonneon 09 Sep 2012 at 7:31 pm

    the Oliver quilt came out AMAZING!!!!! what a great summer you’ve had! :)

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