Greyhound related July 18th, 2012

First river walks, 7/14 and 7/15

We learned several useful things: Sophie  really  likes other dogs.  She has an annoying habit of staring, and then engaging in frustration barking if I don’t let her go meet.  Another thing to add to the training list.

She’s still working on leash manners, so I put her in a head collar, which works pretty well.  Although someone on the river beach mistook it for a muzzle, that didn’t deter the horde of kids.  We learned Sophie is excellent with kids.

She was also happy to wade in the river, but she didn’t lay down.

I’m pretty sure she will eventually, though, because Philip does, and yet another thing we learned on this walk is that she and Philip are OneDogSameDog:

(I am stealing this description from the most fabulous  Food Lady, because even though Philip and Sophie are not border collies, they both appear to be not-quite-greyhounds.  And I thought it was just Philip.  Sigh.  Double sigh.)


First independent use of the dog door, 7/16

Nine days.  Pretty good!

Of course, I still have to accompany her outdoors — she hasn’t quite mastered the idea that she can go out whenever she wants/needs to, but I’m sure we’ll get there.  Eventually.


2 Responses to “Firsts!”

  1. Danielleon 22 Jul 2012 at 3:49 pm

    I owe you a much longer e mail,letter phone call but CONGRATS on your new addition. Jeff and i actually got one of our own last weekend. So we are learning how to deal with puppies. :)
    A big lifestyle change for us but she is a cutie. Will upload pics soon.

  2. Wendyon 23 Jul 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Cute Sophie! Can’t wait to meet her! She looks like Philip’s twin. Hope she does not have allergy problems like her brother, though!

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