Firework-free Fourth

Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related July 5th, 2012

As we’ve done before, Matt and I headed out to Point Reyes, thus sparing Philip fireworks-induced trauma and sparing us hours of counter-conditioning.   Like last time, we took soup and sandwiches (although we bought both from Nugget, rather than making them).   Unlike last time, Kevin also came along.

He’s staying with us in between work trips, and the coin he flipped told him to come along today.   He may have regretted it, since the drive was long and uncomfortable; he forgot his book on his bed; and he didn’t have anything long (sleeves or pants) to layer; but I didn’t, since I got couple pictures and fraternal bonding time out of the deal.

Since we stay out late on these jaunts, there’s no need for an early start, and today was no exception.   We headed out to get food around noon, and I drove the boys crazy by dragging everyone on a wild flag chase — I wanted a miniature flag to plant in the sand next to Philip.   After checking Target, Nugget, Rite Aid, and CVS, in that order, I still didn’t have my flag.   What I did have were two patriotic pinwheels; red, white, and blue Mardi Gras beads; and a fantastic sign I found in the dollar bin at Target.

(The back side says My Way on one arrow and Highway on the other.)

As far as photo props go, they may not have been a miniature American flag, but I think the pinwheels worked out quite nicely.

Also, they kept the boys busy.

We hung out on the beach until sunset, gradually adding more layers as it got colder (except poor Kevin, who had to make do with just a blanket).   Philip, who has the advantage of a fur coat to begin with, was indisputably better off.

All in all, we had a very nice firework-free Fourth of July.   And we have big plans for next year — Kevin, with his usual impeccable taste, suggested adding a tent and s’mores fixings!

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