Kim or Matt related , Quilting & sewing September 5th, 2011

I am officially done with:

  1. Advance cooking for the week.   Matt and I made bell pepper casserole, edamame salad, and quiche with spinach, mushrooms, bacon, and cheese.   That should cover lunches and a dinner or two.
  2. Dogs.   They got a walk by the river.
  3. Quilt pictures prior to giveaway.   We only took pics of two, not the four that are actually finished, but one of these needs to go in the mail ASAP and the other I’m slated to give away at school tomorrow.

Going into the mail is a quilt for my college roommate Rebecca and her husband Andrew’s daughter.   She was born in March, meaning I’m actually only five months late on this one, which has got to be some kind of a record.

My new kick is quilting with jelly roll strips, which are 2 ½” strips, cut the width of the fabric.   They’re nice because you can get a collection of lots of coordinating fabrics at once, which gives your quilts a scrappy look.   This was my first jelly roll quilt, and I’m hooked.

The quilt will head off to LA, along with the crayon roll I made a while back, for Leah’s brother Isaac.   That’s assuming I ever manage to get them into the mail.

The second quilt Matt and I photographed today is rather later.   It’s for my colleague Sean and his wife Catherine’s son Henry.   I’m something like a year and a half late on this one, but then again, I was a year late on their daughter’s quilt, so another six months doesn’t seem too bad.   Plus, I think they’re officially the first people to get a quilt from me for multiple children, so I’m going to choose to believe that mitigates some of the tardiness.

Besides, it’s a great quilt.

This was my first attempt at curved piecing, and I’m really pleased with it.   It also features another first for me, a pieced back.

It’s now rolled up, beribboned, and sitting ready to go with yet another crayon roll (new tutorial this time, I likes it) for big sis Poppy.

This has been a very productive weekend for me.   Here’s hoping it’s an auspicious start to the school year.

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