On a roll

Quilting & sewing July 31st, 2011

A crayon roll, that is.

I’m on a quilting kick at the moment.   You see, it’s (nearly) August, the time when returning to school looms large.   In response, I typically start a slew of projects that don’t get done before the school year starts, resulting in half-finished debris for the rest of the year.   (Ask me about the year I “painted” the living room.)   This year is no different, and my project of the moment is trying to put a dent in my insane quilting backlog — I have a list of recipients for baby quilts that’s miles long and constantly growing — and stockpile a few generic standbys for rainy days, so to speak.

The crayon roll was a quickie diversion from the main event; I made it by adapting this tutorial to fit extra-large crayons.

I’m planning on pairing it with a coloring book and sending it along with a baby quilt for the baby’s older brother.   That way, everyone gets a present.   The beauty of this particular item is that it’s neither labor- nor cost-intensive.   Since I used fabric and batting scraps on hand, my total cost for this project was $3 for the crayons.   (Plus my time, of course, but I always count that as free.   After all, it’s a hobby.   Also, it only took about an hour, start to finish.)

I think it turned out quite nicely.   :)

I think I’ve found my new instant gratification project.   Sweet!


* For the curious, my crayon pockets were 1 ¼”, rather than 1″. That made the crayon roll 10 ½” long, rather than 12 ½”. All other measurements were the same.

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