Philip’s recovery

Greyhound related August 19th, 2010

Philip, diagnosed with “lumbosacral stenosis,” (apparently, a bulged disc compressing spinal nerves) had surgery (“lumbosacral decompression”) Tuesday.   He’s recovering nicely, although I don’t think he’s very happy.

Philip, recovering

Cover your eyes and scroll down quickly if you’re not in the mood for the gory details, because I now present to you the official AKLPWXCU (hover over acronym for an explanation):

Philip's surgery site

The hospital technician told Matt that Philip had been “pretty vocal” while in surgical recovery.   He attributed it to pain or stress.   We attribute it to something simpler — discontent.   Philip has an amazing capability to whine for significant periods of time at significant volume when he’s cranky about something, a fact that makes the pending 30-day recovery period seem rather daunting.   He’s supposed to be on strict crate rest, which means put him in a crate and leave him there all the time.   No walks.   No jumping.   No stairs.   Potty breaks on leash only.   Until the staples come out, e-collar on at all times.

Since Philip hates the crate something fierce, and he’s seriously skilled in vocalizing discontent, we’re making a few modifications to this regimen.   He’s confined to house, but for now, at least, not to crate.   (Between the fentanyl patch and the tramadol 3x a day, he’s spending most of his time laying down at the moment, anyway.)   He’s miserable (-er) in the e-collar, so he’s in a basket muzzle instead.   This is a delicate balancing act, as on the one hand, we have to live with the bored and under-exercised dog, but on the other, it’s not a particularly brilliant idea to pay for surgery costing somewhat more than the shiny new iPhone I’ve been coveting for me and Matt, including two years of service on each, and then undermine it by not following the vet’s recovery recommendations.

We’ve kind of learned that one the hard way.

SO, that’s the state of affairs at the moment.   Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to supervise an on-leash potty break.

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  1. Caronon 20 Aug 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Ouch! Poor boy. I hope the recovery goes quickly. It’s great that you were able to have the surgery done though. I think I spend all my money on greyhounds too. Well, and three cats too. Hang in there!

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