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Kim or Matt related , Photo essay May 16th, 2010

A photo essay

Last week, as Matt and I purchased fava beans at the farmer’s market, the woman working at the stall suggested we come back next week, when, she said, she’d have garbanzo beans.

So we did.


I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but I don’t think it was this.   However, we set about stripping the bean pods from the stalks.


Matt and I decided the stalks looked something like peas, although rather fuzzier.

bean stalk

When we were done, the stalks looked about the same, but we had a bowl full (well, full-ish) of pods.

bowl o beans

The pods hold, for the most part, one bean each; we found a few with two beans and exactly two pods with three.   The pods are also surprisingly filthy; Matt and I both had to wash the dirt caked off our fingertips a few times, but the beans themselves taste fantastic.   They taste a great deal like peas — sweet, a tiny bit starchy, but lovely.

bean close up

We used them in a veggie braise for dinner tonight, replacing a portion of the peas and fava beans.   Yummy, though not nearly as attractive as peas — they look like little green brains, and eating them makes me feel vaguely like a zombie.

shelled beans

Also, we got 16% yield, by weight, for 45 minutes of what I would definitely classify as “hella shelling.”   (Thanks, Emily.)   Nonetheless, I suspect we’ll be back for more next week.

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