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Kim or Matt related , Knitting November 8th, 2009

The last day of the first quarter was Friday; hooray!   We always have a minimum day, and typically, Matt and I go out of town for a mini-vacation.   This year, we tossed around the usual go-to-the-beach idea, and ditched it in favor of a lazy, lounge-around-the-house weekend.   (This idea nearly got scuttled Thursday night in favor of going to visit Matt’s parent’s new puppy, but I had a horrible day Friday and we decided to stay home, after all.   More on the new puppy later, though.)

Lazy, lounge-around-the-house weekends don’t exactly make for good blog fodder, but we did manage to take pictures of the cowl, alias Kim-snood, I finished last week:

smiley modeled cowl

I favor cowls because they don’t take much time (or yarn) to knit.   This one took three days and is made of cashmere, and since I still have half the skein, if you want one for Christmas (and say so now), you stand a decent chance of getting one.   In other knitting news, I have officially won the Knitting Series (best of three) by frogging the squeezy-clutchy cabled-rib jobbie and instead knitting a mini-scarf.   It needs blocking; pictures may (or may not) be forthcoming next week.

In completely unrelated news, did I mention that Matt’s parents got a new puppy?   She’s a border collie, and her name is Susie, and I have it on good authority that she’s ADORABLE.   Coincidentally, I’ve been reading several awesome border collie blogs (recommended to me by Google Reader, I think) that have been just filled with pictures of border collie puppies, causing me to tug at Matt’s sleeve at what I am sure are annoyingly frequent intervals and demand a border collie puppy.   (Heartlessly, Matt always tells me no.)

He’s right, of course.   I chose greyhounds because I wanted a fairly low-key (ha!), lazy dog, and, although Philip just this instant charged off the bed and went outside to bark at squirrels, taking Henry with him, they really are pretty low-energy dogs.   (No walk Friday, brief jaunt to the coffee place Saturday, an hour or so by the river today.   Would a border collie be happy with that?   I think not.)   However, the beauty of Matt’s parents getting this new puppy is that it’s like grandchildren in reverse.   We get to go to Ukiah, bearing presents of squeaky toys and chewies, snuggle an adorable warm new puppy, marvel at the sharpness of her little teeth and her not-so-little intellect, and then go home.

The plan is for this to happen Wednesday.   I can’t wait!   Expect many pictures.

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