The Knitting Series is tied

Knitting November 1st, 2009

Kim: 1

I finished my Kim-snood Friday night; it’s blocked and now dry and awaiting decent light for pictures. . . maybe next weekend.   It’s lovely, and I’m very pleased.

Knitting: 1

I started another Kim-snood, a cabled-rib jobbie using some handspun purchased from Etsy that I’ve had lying around for a while.   It’s very pretty, and I like the pattern, and I knit away diligently all weekend, and the end result is very. . . constrictive.   Since we all know how I feel about things clutching at my neck (if you don’t: I hates them), Kim-snood v.3′s fate is uncertain.   It’s sitting in the drawer until I decide, but I vaguely see a bigger yarn ball in the future.

On the up side, I’m assigning my kids another poster tomorrow (read: two mostly low-key days for me); Friday is a minimum day (end of the quarter); and Veteran’s Day is next week.   Thus, I vaguely see plenty of knitting time in my future.   Score!

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