It’s winter!

Kim or Matt related , Knitting October 28th, 2009

Or close enough, anyway.   This means two things:

  1. It’s soup season.   The freezer is filling up with my favorite method of heating my house: veggie broth.   (The house is so small, simmering a batch on the (gas) stove works just as well as the heater, and produces food at the same time.)
  2. It’s scarf and glove season.   I have yet to finish a pair of gloves (fingers are no fun), but I started another Kim-snood on my brand-new interchangable circulars.


(Two computers were required because one of them had the webpage with the pattern, and the other one had Glee on Hulu.)

So far, knock on wood, it’s been a pretty good week.   I managed to make it home by 4:30 – early for me – twice so far, a fact that’s helped me make significant progress on my knitting.   I’m hoping to finish over the weekend, but then, I’m hoping to do a lot of things over the weekend, so we can only wait and see.

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