Pantry soup + No fireworks = Happy Kims

Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related July 5th, 2009

Last night, at a loss for dinner inspiration, Matt and I made entirely-from-the-pantry soup.   (The beauty of soup is that the formula is so simple: broth + some aromatics + some vegetable + some carb + some optional protein = soup!)   It was surprisingly good, and leftover soup generally improves with age (up to a point).

Except: The forecast for the Fourth of July in Sacramento is 100 °F.   Not exactly soup weather.

Also, Philip hates the Fourth.   Specifically, Philip hates fireworks.   Since our neighbors generally have a fireworks-filled extravaganza across the street, Matt and I generally spend the night counter-conditioning Philip.   (Bang!   Treat.   Pop!   Treat.   Whizz!   Treat.)   As the night wears on and Philip gets more stressed, we have to up the ante: Dog treats gives way to to chicken, which yields to bananas, which leads to yogurt.   I am not particularly enamored of this Independence Day ritual.

Last year, Matt and I went to Fresno over the long weekend, timing our drive down for Friday night, so as to be on the freeway during fireworks.   In terms of Philip’s mental health, this was an exceptional plan, and we re-implemented it, with a twist, this year.

We spent the day on the beach.

Since we planned to head home as late as possible, we slept in and drove over to Point Reyes early in the afternoon.   With no plans, we just did the usual.   Matt read about backpacking.   I read about the Big Bang.   I knit.   Matt played with the camera.


He’s trying to get me an all-nose greyhound shot.   I contend it needs more work.


We actually did have one plan.   Since it gets cold on the beach, we planned on eating soup leftovers.   At first, I thought we’d take the soup in a thermos.   Soon, I had a better idea.


We took our camp stove.   According to Matt, “it actually lights really easily.”   Duly noted.   Once the stove got burning smoothly, it heated our soup quickly, and I was glad, because by 7 pm, it was pretty cold out there.


This was an excellent use of leftover soup, and I highly recommend it.   Additionally, since we left the beach at 9 (we were the last car in the parking lot), we didn’t get home until 11:30, well past the bulk of the fireworks and all of the 100 ° weather.   Score!   Bonus: Philip is tired enough to sleep through the stray booms and bangs and pops.   Double score!

Soup “recipe” after the jump, for the curious.

Broth: 4 cups homemade veggie stock

Aromatics: 1/2 yellow onion + some green garlic stem

Vegetables: 1 green squash + 1 yellow squash + 2 bulbs green garlic + 1 can diced tomatoes

Carb: 1/2 cup orzo

Optional protein: N/A

Etc: Thyme + basil

Sweat chopped onion and garlic stems in olive oil with a little salt until soft.   Add broth and bring to a boil.   Add orzo and cook 7 min.   Add chopped veggies and thyme, plus 1/4 tomato juice, cook 4 min.   Top with basil chiffonade.


Eating the leftovers on the beach, while recommended, is optional.

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