Kim or Matt related , Knitting March 31st, 2009

Good news first.

Things I wanted to finish in time for Paris — and have! (or probably will)

  • Regain some semblance of health.   Done!   I’m 95% better and Matt is 85%.   We’ll be okay.
  • Grading.   Normally, I would be frantically grading all week to get this week’s work into the third quarter grade.   This time, forget it.   The work is just going to be part of their fourth quarter grade.   So there.   And I told my kids that anything turned in after today may not make it into their grades.   Realistically, that should be “will not,” but why kill a 13-year-old’s hope?
  • My Paris scarf.   It’s Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk; the colorway is “Paris.”   Which, of course, is why I bought it.   (Also, because of the cashmere.)   I’ve been frantically knitting and un-knitting this on all kinds of needle sizes (first 8, then 7, then 6, then 8 again) and thought I’d never finish, but then I looked up last night and the Yarn Ball That Never Ends was gone.

The catch:

  • At the moment, the scarf looks like this:
    It desperately needs to be blocked, and the ideal way to do this is with blocking wires, of which I have none.   I’m going to try to improvise.

Things that are just not getting done:

  • A haircut.   I believe the last time I got my hair cut was just before I headed to Chico. . . last summer.   I’ve left a message with my on-again, off-again hair stylist (okay, so it’s mostly off-again) on the off chance he might have an opening this week, but I’m not holding my breath.
  • An optometrist appointment.   Even though I am totally out of contacts.
  • Mystery project #2 for mystery recipient #2.   It’s now, oh, three months late.   On the other hand, an optimist could think of it as six months early.   More on that later.   Or never.

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