Second time’s the charm

Kim or Matt related , Knitting February 1st, 2009

I had the first meeting of my second master’s class yesterday in Chico.   It was terrible.   I like the prof; he’s the same guy I had last semester, and he’s not the problem.   The course content, assignments, and a handful of the students are.   However, it’s only a semester, I need it for the degree, and I’ll just have to suck it up.

Besides, before class, I bought yarn.

I went to the yarn store with the intention of buying a button (decorative and ceramic) for a project I’m planning (I believe this is mystery project #3 for mystery recipient #3, and no, neither #1 nor 2 are done yet).   I left with two skeins of yarn (they’re 30% cashmere, and did I mention I’m on a cashmere kick?) and two buttons (one for mystery project, and one for me).

I’m planing a scarf and headband set (not enough yarn for a hat).   I knit headband v 1.0 yesterday evening.


It’s nice, but when I looked at the leftover yarn in the ball:


I decided I’d rather have those colors in the headband.   And thus began headband v 2.0, knit from the outside of the ball this time.


You get a better sense of the color striping from the side, if you’re curious.

I have plenty of things to do this afternoon (laundry, dishes, meal planning/grocery shopping for the week, grading), but I think I’m going to put all of that off and knit the matching scarf instead.   Stay tuned!

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