Things kids say January 20th, 2009

Fortunately for my kids, the TV in my classroom got just enough static-y reception for 1st period to see the oath of office (class ended at 9:06 PST) and for 2nd period to see Obama’s inaugural address (class started at 10:01).   I was a little surprised by how attentive they were, but I probably shouldn’t have been.   However, I still feel moderately justified in my lack of faith, just for other reasons.   And I quote:

During the oath of office:

  • Look!   It’s President Obama!   Wait, what’s he doing?
  • Wait, when is this happening?   Now?   Like, really now?
  • He’s president now?   Like, right now?   Woo hoo!
  • You’re going to be sorry next year when you have to learn about all this.

During the speech:

  • Wait, when did they do the swearing-in thingy?   You mean I missed it?   Did you tape it?   Oh, I see how it is.   [I point out that the oath of office will be all over TV and the internet, and tell the kids to check YouTube.]   What’s YouTube?   [Look of disbelief.]   No, really, what’s YouTube?
  • [Upon being told to go to YouTube and type in "inauguration"]   We have to put that?   In-au-gur-ation?   That’s a hecka big word!
  • Wait, when is this happening?   Now?   Like, right now?   Oh, so that’s why it says “live” on the bottom of the screen.

Apparently, the advent of the TiVo and streaming video has rendered my kids unable to comprehend the notion of “live coverage.”   Well, you learn something new every day.

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  1. Wendyon 10 Apr 2009 at 7:53 pm

    These are the future leaders of the world…….
    Kill me now!

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