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Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related , Knitting January 19th, 2009

I have about four posts worth of material saved up. . . it’s just been that kind of week.

Exhibit A: Matt and I came home on Wednesday, or maybe Thursday (together, as I was leaving school so late I just swung by to pick him up on my way home — on both days), and found this:


I just lost it.   A full fifteen minutes of crying in the bathroom were required.   Not really because the bowl was so important, but because my week at school had just been lousy and this was the last straw.   (When I calmed down, Matt pointed out something I hadn’t realized: The broken bowl is not my favorite, irreplaceable one.   It’s the new bowl from Uncle Jim.   That made me feel much better.)   I’ve had to write a lot of referrals recently, which is unusual and makes me cranky.   My favorite colleague and I have also tweaked lunch detention and started it up again, so that’s been exceptionally fun and has required a lot of phone calls home, another something that’s exceptionally fun.

The weekend, unlike the work week, has been significantly better.   Friday, I went to a thrift store located on my way home from school and found cool swag for $15.


Top to bottom, I got two tiny infant sweatshirts (size 6 months and 12 months), not because I need them, but because the $1 they each cost is significantly cheaper than a commercial pattern would be.   I also found a wool fair isle sweater, which I’m planning to felt and use for a bag or a baby sweater.   The fate of the other two are temporarily undecided.   I originally was planning to unravel for the yarn, but both are pretty fine and might be too much work for me.   The other option is felting and resewing.   The brown sweater feels luscious, but lacks a materials tag.   For $1.50, I took a chance; it might felt, it might not, whatever.   The lavender sweater is cashmere.   Also $1.50.   Seriously.

Finally, what am I doing with foam puzzle blocks?   They’re fabulous for blocking knitwear.   Self-healing, easily reconfigurable, moisture-proof.   As we speak, they’re in use on their second project this weekend.

As for the weekend: On Friday night and Saturday, I knitted and caught up on six episodes of Battlestar Galactica.   This period of catching up was required because — spoiler alert if you’re even more behind than me — the last episode I saw was the one where Tory flushed Cally out the airlock, which traumatized me somewhat.   I dealt with the tension and violence by mostly knitting and doing only a little watching.   By the time I was caught up, I had this:


This is unnamed-project number two for unnamed-recipient number two; props to you if you can figure out what (and who) it is.   Hint #1: It’s late.   Hint #2: Unnamed recipient number two has a name.

On Sunday, Matt and I drove the dogs to Berkeley for a walk in Tilden Park.   Matt’s GPS trip computer says our hike was 8 miles.   Since we were only out about 2.5 hours, and were walking at a relatively slow pace (long daily walks are wearing on Henry, and Philip was carrying the dog’s water), I’m quite sure we didn’t walk 8 miles.   Upon examination of the GPS track log, Matt estimates 5.6 miles.

It was a nice hike; the weather was lovely.   More like March than January, really.   Normally, I like my hikes to be exceptionally flat, and this one had some uphill stretches, but they weren’t too steep, and I survived.


So did Henry, appearances to the contrary, and Philip.


Whatever the means, the dogs were exhausted afterward, enough so to allow Matt and me to bundle them into the car and head off for a steam train ride.


It was fun.   There are several trains, on different scales, with tracks and accessories (water tower, mining operation, trestle bridge, tunnel) to match.

Today, we’ve mostly caught up on household chores (a mountain of laundry and dishes).   And, of course, I’ve caught up on the blog.

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