(Partial) Victory!

Kim or Matt related , Knitting December 31st, 2008

In two days of moderate productivity (punctuated with plenty of sleep), I have accomplished two crafty things.   Behold!


That would be two Christmas socks (still slightly damp, if truth be told) for Mom and one small coat (still without fastners, if truth be told) for Annie.   I finished Mom’s socks last night (technically this morning, if truth be told) as Matt untangled yarn for my next, still-unspecified project for a still-unspecified recipient.

We’re headed to Fresno today, which, in theory, should leave plenty of time for unspecified-project #1, but in reality, all time will likely be soaked up by Guitar Hero, dog walks, stuffing ourselves, and lying in a stupor.   Oh, yes, I forgot, I also volunteered Matt to cook a turkey.   More on that to come. . . maybe.

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