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Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related , Knitting December 23rd, 2008

That’s the sound of me being a busy bee today.   Unfortunately for me, although I was quite productive, in terms of creating tangible objects, I’m not pleased with the results.

1.   Sock for Mom

Spoiler alert!   (Okay, it’s not really much of a secret; she’ll find out in a day or so anyway, and I’ve given her socks for something like three significant events running, so I bet it’s not a shock, either.)

Having decreed that no one would get knitted presents this year, I naturally proceeded to cast on for these yesterday.   I would have cast on earlier, but the yarn was so tangled, it took Matt and me (working in shifts) the better part of six hours to untangle.   I was displeased.   I’m also not thrilled with the way the sock turned out; I don’t like the sploochy nature of the dye job and I don’t love the pattern, either.   All the negativity could just be a result of my natural Christmas humbug, though.   I think Mom will still like the socks; Matt says they’re nice.   Decide for yourself:


Of course, Matt is so tactful, he’d say anything I make looks nice, which brings us to item 2:

2.   X-mas yammies

I bought holiday-colored fleece weeks ago, meaning to make coats for the dogs.   That task got put off until today, when I realized that it was either fabricate the coats or put the fleece in storage (! — as if I have anywhere to do that) until next year.   So I made the coats tonight.

These are my fifth and sixth pair of yammies, and I’m getting the hang of it.   I still haven’t made an actual pattern, so I’m using an old set to cut out the pieces, and so far, that’s working out well.   I remembered to orient the stripes with the length, rather than the width, of the dogs.   I also remembered to place the sleeves with the seams to the back, rather than the front, as I did last time.   Further, I avoided the frustrating mistake of using the smaller bottom side of the sleeve to size the sleeve-hole, avoiding having to rip out teeny-tiny stitches.   The coats, in a dressmaking sense, are perfect.   Unfortunately, however:


They are hideous.

I emerged from my sweatshop bearing the first coat, very pleased with myself.   Philip was, fortuitously, standing, scarfing down the last of his dinner, so I promptly swept off his blue pyjamas (which, by the way, are very cute), replaced them with the new pair. . . and promptly burst out laughing.   They are really just appallingly ugly.   These pyjamas are in the running for the title of ugliest thing Kim has ever made, and that includes spandex leggings from the ’80s.   Come to think of it, if this pattern came in spandex, I might well have used it for leggings in the ’80s.

Part of the issue, I think, is the contrast material.   I went with the light green because I couldn’t find a matching dark green or red, but the light green just screams “elf” to me.   (If I have time tomorrow, I might try to make elf boots for Philip.   Henry wouldn’t wear them.)   Of course, the rest of the issue is the general repulsiveness of the striped material, which, as Matt tactfully put it, “I always had my doubts about.”

Kindly, Matt has confirmed that he would never have mentioned how truly unsightly these yammies are had I not raised the issue myself.   However, as I am not blind, I feel that these are destined to be a Christmas tradition (they really are very well made) . . . and at least I can see the joke.

(P.S.   You can weigh in!   There’s a new poll assessing your opinion of dog coat aesthetics.)

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