Vacation beckons

Kim or Matt related , Knitting December 18th, 2008

And I think I’m going to make it.   I turned in my final project for my master’s class tonight, so that’s done.   I still have to pull together my test for Friday, but that’s really just assembling it from old tests, not writing it from scratch.

Also, with very little time to spare, I finished the only Christmas knitting I’m doing.   Naturally, it’s going to someone too small to care, but it’s a lovely little thing (as is the recipient), so I’m still pleased.


I had to have it done, including blocked (washed and dried, for you non-knitters) by Friday, as that’s our last day of school before the break and it’s for the baby of a colleague.   The hat is made from part one of my ridiculously large hoard of cashmere, and this stuff is win-win.   It’s cashmere, for heaven’s sake, so it feels like, well, heaven, but it’s recycled cashmere, so it’s free of goats-destroying-the-plains-of-Mongolia guilt.

Now, I just hope it fits.

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  1. danielleon 18 Dec 2008 at 4:50 pm

    That is the cutest hat. if only i could knit. I would make myself a larger one! Glad tomorrow is your last day. Mine will be MOnday. Not sure when you are in Fresno – we might miss each other. I am there from the 23rd-28th.

  2. kimon 18 Dec 2008 at 6:58 pm

    Thank you! If you’re serious about wanting one, I’ll gladly do one for you. :) I think our Fresno visits overlap; I’ll be in touch.

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