I spend all my money on greyhounds

Greyhound related November 27th, 2008

Unfortunately, this is not exactly an exaggeration.

Philip had surgery (again) yesterday. To refresh your memory:

  1. Philip ran into the bicycle pedal while on a run with Matt. (August 27)
  2. The cut on his foot required surgery. (August 29)
  3. Philip rips out his stitches. The vet says with careful bandaging, re-stitching will not be required. (September 2)
  4. “Careful bandaging” results in gigantic pressure sore. Vet staples pressure sore closed. (September 28)
  5. Philip tears out staples. (Exact date unknown, estimate: September 29-30)
  6. Vet glues wound shut. Philip shakes wound open. Vet glues wound shut. Philip shakes wound open. Vet staples wound again. Philip tears out staples again. We decide to let sore heal on its own. (October 4)
  7. Sore doesn’t heal. Vet says it needs to be sutured closed. Again. (November 15)
  8. Philip undergoes dental cleaning, two extractions, wound cleaning, and wound suturing. Total cost of this surgery is only marginally less than the cost of my shiny new MacBook.

Philip’s fine. He’s back with us, complete with pain meds, antibiotics, an elaborate bandage and an e-collar. (Pictures to follow.) We’re under strict instructions, which we’re not exactly following to the letter, to leave the e-collar on until his foot heals. (When he’s supervised, we’ve got him in his basket muzzle, instead. When he’s unsupervised, the e-collar goes back on. We did, eventually, learn.)

I’m pretty sure Philip is Matt’s dog. That’s because I’m pretty sure I never wanted him. No, siree.

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