Hand in glove

Knitting September 25th, 2008

Over the summer, I did very little knitting.   I needed a break from socks in a major way.   I didn’t think I missed knitting at all, but when Matt and I went to Fort Bragg for our late-anniversary jaunt, I couldn’t resist the yarn store.   Within the yarn store, I couldn’t resist cashmere yarn and a brainless scarf pattern.

When I finished the first scarf, I knitted a second.   When I finished the second, I contemplated a third, but decided I’d rather have a different project.   I’ve always had a hankering for gloves, but I don’t know how to make them.   So I popped over to Ravelry to browse patterns.

It turns out there are lots of fingerless glove patterns and lots of mitten patterns, but not so many gloves-with-fingers patterns.   Those that exist tend to be written for hands larger than mine, and I wasn’t sure I’d want to tackle resizing on a first-glove project.   I saw a reference to The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, which I don’t have, but the Sacramento library system does.   In Elk Grove.   So I requested the book to be transferred to my branch library and settled down to wait.

I’m not very good at waiting.

The book actually arrived at the library today, but by the time I figured that out (7:00), it was too late to pick it up.   Besides, as you may have noticed, I’ve cobbled together a glove, based on the premise that hands are very much like feet.

For a first attempt, especially with no pattern, I’m pleased.   The yarn is a handspun I bought from Etsy way back when.   Originally intended for socks, I held off because it’s a bit thicker than I personally want my socks.   For quick-and-dirty gloves, it’s perfect: immediately available, faster to knit up than standard sock yarn, thin enough to make usable gloves.

I’m not waiting for winter with bated breath or anything.   But at least now my hands will be warm when I do morning supervision at school.

Well, one of them will be warm.   Let’s see if I can make this two (gloves) for two (hands).

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