Philip is lucky to be alive

Greyhound related September 2nd, 2008

Because I’m ready to kill him.   If he needs further surgery. . . but I’m ahead of myself.

I had an uneventful first day of school, the memory of which was largely obliterated by coming home to two dogs with four naked feet each.   This is bad, as it means Philip has removed his bandage.   It’s sitting, intact, on the bed, still in its sock.   He is lying on the living room floor, nursing a suspiciously gaping wound.

I call the vet to alert her to my belief that Philip has ripped out his stitches, and we hop into the car and head over.   She says, fortunately, that it appears that Philip has only ripped out two of his stitches, and, with careful bandaging, we may not have to put them back in.   This outcome is better than I expected, so I’m pleased.

Philip will not be so pleased, as his inability to leave his stitches alone will result in his being forced to wear an e-collar when we’re not home.   Stay tuned, because this picture promises to be amusing.

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