Foot and mouth

Greyhound related August 29th, 2008

Philip’s fine.   Maybe a little tired.

Does this look familiar?   That’s because, effectively, nothing’s changed.   There are stitches under that sock (one of Matt’s hole-filled discards), and a bandage, which we are to change tomorrow before noon (so the animal hospital can get him in before they close for Labor Day weekend if there’s anything wrong).   Those are the only changes, really.   Well, that, and Matt’s credit card balance.   That’s changed, too.

We dropped Philip off around 10 and got a call at 2:30.   After identifying herself, the first thing the vet tech said was, “Please come get your dog.”   Apparently, he was rather whiny.   Our vet, for some reason, can’t believe he was raised in a kennel.

He’s on 1000 mg of Keflex twice a day.   This is the same dosage Matt was given for his gum surgery (although Matt was on penicillin).   Matt’s take on this: “What do feet and mouths have in common?”   (Answer: They’re filthy.)   Philip doesn’t seem to object, which is nice.   Of course, we’re burying the pills in a gigantic chunk of peanut butter, so that might have something to do with it.   Crisis averted, life back to normal, more or less.

The next question: Will Matt still want to bicycle with Philip?   Will Philip?   Stay tuned.

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