New oopsie

Greyhound related August 28th, 2008

Remember when I said there are inherent risks to bicycling with greyhounds?   It turned out that bicycling poses inherent risks to greyhounds.

According to Matt, Philip generally does well while bicycling. . . as long as he’s not distracted.   Last night, he was distracted.   (Barking dogs.)   Said distraction caused him to run into the bike pedal.   Oopsie.   The pad on one foot was pretty torn up, but he was moving around okay and seemed pretty perky, so we washed it, stuffed his foot in a sock, and let it be.

Turns out to be rather bigger than we thought.   A visit to the vet today revealed that the “oopsie” will need to be sutured.   Apparently, he’s nearly severed his toe.   He goes in for (minor) surgery tomorrow.   If only we could get his teeth cleaned at the same time. . .

(Seriously, though, send good wishes our way.   Greyhounds don’t always do well with anesthesia, and I’ve heard too many stories of freak accidents to be sanguine about this.   Fingers crossed.)

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  1. Danion 28 Aug 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Hope all goes well – please let us know!

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