The Chico farmer’s market

Photo essay June 19th, 2008

A photo essay

Thursday nights in Chico see a farmer’s market which appears, from the crush of humanity there, to be a Very Big Deal around here. Aside from the usual produce-type things, there were craft-type things, live music, a bouncehouse, and food. Lots and lots of food. My particular favorite was this:

I wandered around, taking pictures of things that caught my eye. Some were of things you’d expect at a farmer’s market, like produce.

Or flowers.

(There were a lot of flowers.)

Maybe you wouldn’t even be too surprised to see cacti.

I wasn’t, however, quite expecting this:

It wasn’t so much the presence of politics in the market, or even the political message, that caught my eye. It was mostly the fact that the political message was conveyed via rebus.

I had a (raspberry) shaved ice and a chicken tamale (though not at the same time) and headed back to the dorm. On the way, I stopped by the creek, which is one of my favorite things here, and finally managed a picture with me in it.

Unfortunately for me, it’s humid today, so sitting creekside wasn’t particularly pleasant. Now I’m back in my dorm room, listening to a baseball game (the stadium is just outside), enjoying air conditioning, and reveling in the fact that I have only one more night in the dorm bed . . . except for the four nights I’ll spend in one next week.

On the bright side, I think I’ll go back to the market next week, too.

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