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Kim or Matt related May 13th, 2008

Matt often brings his tech support instincts home with him. In many cases, this is useful. (There would be no blog without Matt.) Regarding clutter, however, Matt’s if-there’s-a-problem-with-it-I’ll-have-to-send-
in-case-I-need-it mentality results in a significant box buildup in the garage.

Recently, we cleared out some space in the garage. The resulting pile of boxes implies, to me, that Matt needs to seriously consider boxhab.

My rigorous journalistic standards require that I take a careful look at myself, as well. It turns out that I also have some tendencies that don’t bear close examination.

I’ve been extolling the virtues of veggie stock* somewhat obsessively, and in preparation for the stock-less times ahead, Matt and I have been freezing portions for later use. With the cooler-than-usual spring, I’ve been making “just one more run” of veggie stock for months now. As leeks and turnips vanish from the market, I snap them up at every sighting.

After the snapping comes the languishing; I just haven’t gotten around to stock. These vegetables are now decidedly past their prime. Fortunately, stock doesn’t care. Thus, I can still get good results from this:

The leek greens are battered and torn, and at the root’s core there is a woody, layer-less mass. The carrot is limp and floppy. The asparagus, well, looks like this:

the potato is in the process of giving birth:

and the world’s largest onion contained an alien baby inside. (No picture; I decided I didn’t want to grab the camera. I regret that decision now. If the other onion turns out to have an alien baby as well, I’ll be sure to get a picture of that one.)

The weather report gave me a sharp kick in the pants, as it’s supposed to hit triple-digits here by Thursday (!) and that weather is not conducive to soup-making. So Matt and I have brewed up batches of stock yesterday and today, and, weather willing, tomorrow. And when it’s done, it will join the previously prepared cache of two-cup portions in my freezer:

At last count, I had 16 cups. In about half an hour, it will be 20. Tomorrow, it could go up to 24.

Did I mention that we’ve yet to use any frozen stock that we didn’t replace?

Maybe I need stockhab.

* It’s really veggie broth, as stock is made from meat and bones, and last I checked, vegetables had neither. But the Joy of Cooking calls it vegetable stock, so I am, too.

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  1. greytblackdogon 16 May 2008 at 7:03 pm

    My boss totally needs box rehab. Instead of throwing away boxes, I choose to rip into them, rendering them totally unusable, therefore, requiring us to throw them away instead of saving them. There are 1000 Mac boxes around our office and storage area. It drives me CRAZY! Oh – and we’ve never used one to send a piece of equipment back in. Mac always sends us a box to return it in.

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