This deserves its own category March 14th, 2008

Today, as usual, I picked Matt up from the UCD Med Center about 6:00, and we headed home. While driving down H, Matt did a double-take, snorted, and then said, “Hunh.”

“What?” I asked.

“Turkeys,” Matt said.

Turkeys? On H? At 6:00? On the lawn in front of the Catholic school? Next to the hospital?

“Turkeys,” Matt insisted. “I thought they were geese at first, but they’re not. They’re definitely turkeys. Three of them.”

Turkeys? Three of them? On H? At 6:00? On the lawn in front of the Catholic school? Next to the hospital?

Upon arriving home, we stop just long enough to grab the camera and walk back down the street. We reach the alleged turkey-sighting location. There are no turkeys.

“I don’t see any turkeys,” I say to Matt.

“They were just here!” he insists.

It’s cold. The wind is blowing. There are no turkeys. I complain about Matt leading me on a wild turkey chase. And then. . .

turkey on wall

. . . a turkey hops over the school’s retaining wall.

“See? Turkey!” Matt exclaims, gleefully.

In total, three turkeys hop the wall, one at a time.   The turkeys are moving steadily eastward, walking along the grass next to the sidewalk, pecking occasionally. A car turning into the hospital driveway has to wait for the them to pass.   We watch the turkeys, taking pictures.

Catholic school + turkey

hospital receives a turkey

When we, on the north side of the street, and the turkeys, on the south side, reach 40th, Matt and I part ways with the turkeys. We head home. The turkeys keep heading east. (If they keep going, they’ll reach the river. Which is where I assume they came from.)

Yeah. Turkeys. Three of them. On H. At 6:00. On the lawn in front of the Catholic school. Next to the hospital.


Special bonus turkey map!

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