Greyhounds do not like baths

Greyhound related , Photo essay January 27th, 2008

A photo essay

Sometimes, life is good. You get to cuddle with your dogs.

Matt and Philip cuddle

Other times, it’s been raining for a week, you could rent out your backyard as a mud-wrestling pit, and the dogs are filthy. It’s bath time.

Baths are not exactly a greyhound’s favorite thing. Consequently, as Matt set up the bathtub, collecting dog towels and a non-slip mat for the floor, Philip took the hint and ensconced himself in the living room. Between the two of us, Matt at the collar and me propelling the hind quarters, we get him into the bathroom. To get him into the bath, however, required a bit more effort.

putting Philip in the tub

Once in the tub, however, Philip resigns himself to his fate.

Philip in tub

Matt washed him and washed him, then washed him some more. Philip mostly stares stoically into space, resignation punctuated by the occasional reproachful look.

washing Philip

In the meantime, Henry, who knows what’s coming next, wanders in. We’re not sure if it’s to commiserate or gloat.

Henry contemplates his doom

Eventually, Philip’s bath draws to a close. Matt does a preliminary towel-off, lets him out. . .

Philip gets out

. . . and then finishes the job.

drying Philip

And then, lickety-split, while Matt cleans out the bathtub drain. . .

hair in the drain

. . . Henry hops in. He does this so fast that I can’t get the picture I really want, which is one of Henry placing himself in the bathtub. Instead, I get this.

Henry in tub

Can you see that he’s still wearing his collar? That’s the only evidence I have that he got in by himself. He’s still wearing his coat, too, but the picture doesn’t show it.

Matt gives Henry his bath.

washing Henry

In the meantime, Philip consoles himself by getting up on the bed.

Philip on bed

Clean but not dry, Henry gets out; again, he’s too fast for me to get a decent picture.

Henry gets out

Unlike Philip, who merely dries his muzzle frantically before ensconcing himself on the bed, Henry favors marking the end of a bath with a good play session.

Henry plays

He likes to end these sessions with a good run outside. Based on the current state of the yard, allowing this would more than undo any good work of the bath, so we got smart and blocked the door. Eventually, Henry settled down on the bed with Philip.

post-bath dogs on bed

They’re drying off now, and the odor of wet dog is receding somewhat. It’s hard to type, though, because Philip is licking my hand.

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