Kim or Matt related , Knitting January 19th, 2008

It’s nice to be appreciated. (Can you hear the “but” coming?)

But. . . Matt has worn his socks to death. And it’s only been two months.

Okay, so “to death” is an exaggeration. Nonetheless, I was not thrilled last night when, while putting on his socks, Matt said, “Uh oh.”

“What?” I asked.

“This is bad,” Matt said.

What?” I repeated.

Matt didn’t say anything else. He simply extended his foot and showed me this:

hole-y sock

Look, I know that socks wear out. (Especially Matt’s socks.) I made these with a clear understanding that I would have to undertake repairs at some point. (Can you hear the “but” coming, again?)

But. . . I was expecting to repair heels, not toes. (This is actually not a problem, as toes are much easier to fix than heels.) And I was not expecting the sock to have an intact shelf life of approximately 45 days.

Oh, well. I undertook the repair, accompanied by a chorus of groans and complains (all from me; I’m talented that way). The first step was to remove the old toe.

hole in toe

(This is actually a mend, not a darn, as I re-knitted rather than stitching over the hole, but “Mend!” isn’t nearly as catchy a post title.)

With that accomplished, I re-knitted the toe, and Matt’s sock is (nearly) as good as new:

mended sock

Matt is very pleased to have his socks back and is wearing them right now. Again, I’m glad he loves his socks. (Wait for it. . .)

But. . . at this rate, I’m going to spend more time mending than knitting.

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