Middle schoolers will say anything

Things kids say January 10th, 2008

New!   Part 3 added 1/11

Part 1: First thing this morning
I was preparing my board this morning, as usual, when a student came in to drop off his backpack, as usual. I, as usual, said good morning. He, unusually, said, “You sound hecka tired this morning!”

Somewhat taken aback, I replied, “Yeah, I guess I am a little tired.”

He suggested, “You could sleep now. Lock the door and sleep on the table.”

Having more pressing concerns, I didn’t take his advice until my prep, and even then, I only managed half of it. I did go to sleep on the table. . . but I forgot to lock the door. So I woke up when another teacher came by to confer with me about a student. Aren’t I professional? (I might add that this wasn’t a I’ve-got-my-head-on-the-desk nap. I was conked out on one of the tables, using books for a pillow.)

Part 2: Overheard at my door just before 7th period
“You’re like, one of the only kids at this school with hair like that.”

Really? Because I thought you ran into similar hair at every turn.

(Don’t know who we’re talking about? This kid:

goth Rayman head )

Part 3: Before second period
“I’m so tired because I was up all night.   [Assorted reasons, followed by] . . . and my little sister was singing all night long.   ‘B-I-N-G-U, B-I-N-G-U, B-I-N-G-U, and Bingo was his name-o.’   She can’t even spell it!”

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