Greyhounds like coffee

Greyhound related , Knitting January 6th, 2008

Matt ran out and got mochas for both of us this morning.   I had about three-quarters of mine, and left the remainder on the headboard, where I forgot about it. . . but the greyhounds didn’t.   After our walk, I headed into the front bedroom in search of wrapping materials for Danielle’s (late, obviously) Christmas present, and came back to see Henry standing on the bed. . . and the coffee cup sitting on the floor.

My comment?   “Oh, [expletive deleted].”

There was coffee on the pillowcase, the sheet, the down comforter, the bedskirt, and the floor.   So Matt and I resignedly stripped the bed and put on non-coffee affected sheets.   While we did so, the dogs gathered around to help us clean up.

Henry and coffee

Philip and coffee

That fiasco dealt with, I turned to wrapping Danielle’s Christmas present.   More details (and pictures) after the jump. . . Dani, you get to decide if you want spoilers.

Danielle requested Kim-made socks for her Christmas present, and I gladly obliged.

Danielle’s monkeys

Faithful readers of the blog will know why the socks are late, so I won’t go into it.   The pattern is the oft-knitted Monkey, from Knitty.   This pair brings my total of Monkeys knitted to three.   Not three pairs, three socks.   Don’t ask.

I enjoy wrapping, so I wanted a nice presentation.   I was gathering the materials (clear take-out style box, “relax” ribbon tag, tissue paper, double-stick tape, etc.) when Henry got into the coffee.   Once that was dealt with, I was free to resume wrapping.   The ribbon tag dresses up the package, which shows off the socks, rolled and sandwiched between layers of tissue paper.   I’m very pleased.

Dani’s socks, packaged

Now, if they just fit. . .

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  1. Lisaon 10 Jan 2008 at 1:33 am

    hahahahahahaahaa!! My greyhound loves coffee, tea, lemonade, cola, milk drinks, orange juice……nothing is safe, and if it’s been left unattended, then it’s fair game as far as he’s concerned!!!!

    I love him….

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