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Kim or Matt related , Knitting December 27th, 2007

Sunday, 12/23/07
This is the day Matt and I have agreed we will head down to Fresno, arriving in sufficient time for Christmas festivities. Sunday morning sees us sleeping in.

Bleary-eyed, I frantically knit at what is to be my mother’s Christmas present, because, like an idiot, I’ve decided that the socks I pre-knit in June especially so I can avoid frantic last-minute knitting are, in fact, not good enough. They appear to be two different lengths, and also, I’ve found this cute pattern with candy canes. How timely. How unfinished.

Matt, in the meantime, scrubs down the bathroom and peels off the old caulking. He’s going to re-caulk now because the caulk has to set for several days and we only have one bathroom. The caulk smells like vinegar. Caulking takes a long time.

We arrive in Fresno at 7-ish. We invade Kevin’s room while Kevin goes to a LAN party. The dogs make themselves at home.

hounds enjoy Kevin’s bed

Matt and I are certain Kevin will love this, since the dark brown blanket atop the bed is a dog blanket, placed there for Toby. Toby won’t come anywhere near the hounds, and there’s no use letting the bed go to waste.

Matt plays Zelda.

Matt plays Zelda

I resume frantic knitting. I have about 1.75 socks at this point.

zombie Kim knits

Monday, 12/24/07
My plan is to visit my grandmother. Instead, the dogs wake us up early, we go for a walk, hang out with family, go for another walk, and I sleep for four hours. Oops. Guess I’m still sick.

I finish my mother’s second sock. This is good, as it has candy canes on it, thus limiting its utility if presented after the 25th. The sock needs to be washed and blocked to look good and match the first sock. This is bad, as it’s too cold for the sock to dry overnight. The solution involves a blow-dryer and something like half an hour of my time.

Tuesday, 12/25/07
We went to Fowler to spend the day with my dad’s side of the family and do a combined gift-exchange (usually Christmas Eve), Christmas day, and mochi-making session (usually the day after Christmas). I annoy Kevin by unilaterally declaring his mochi lumpy and unacceptable.

fixing mochi

Matt annoys everyone by darting and weaving and taking pictures.


We left the dogs in the car, parked in front of the house, rather than in the farmyard. This is so they don’t see the cats. My auntie offers to let us leave the dogs in the fenced courtyard. We explain this will result in the demise of one or more of her cats. She retracts the offer. We walk the dogs occasionally. They’re fine. Don’t feel sorry for them.

Wednesday, 12/26/07
Abandoning Matt to the tender mercies of the greyhounds, I visit with high school friends for lunch and (finally) drop in on my grandmother. Petee Pirhana (nom de poissons is my addition), my auntie’s crazy dog, barks ferociously at me. On the way back from visiting Grandma, I mention I haven’t yet finished Danielle’s Christmas socks. My mother tells me I should have finished Danielle’s first. I point out that Mom’s have candy canes on them, making a late delivery useless, whereas Danielle’s are non-denominational (so to speak). My mother says, “No one’s going to be looking at them all that closely. I figure I’m going to wear them until the end of the winter.”


Matt drives home. I blog. Wait, is this in real time?

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