Would you like some pie with that?

Kim or Matt related , Photo essay December 21st, 2007

A (mini) photo essay

The kids at my school on the student council came up with a novel idea for this year’s pre-vacation rally. As a fund-raiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation, they sold tickets allowing students to throw whipped cream pies at teachers.

Why did I volunteer? Pick one:

A. I have “sucker” tattooed on my forehead.
B. I didn’t want to disappoint the student council kids (see A, above)

So I dutifully took my kids to the assembly, supervised their seating arrangements, and, along with the other volunteers, donned the garbage bag smock and shower cap thoughtfully provided by the student council.

ready to go

The first round wasn’t so bad. Predictably, the principal suffered more than I.

first round

On the second round, however, someone (several someones, really) decided I was far too clean.

second round

The student council graciously handed ’round moist towelletes. . . until they ran out. I made do with some paper towels. One student, apparently deciding my need was greater than hers, offered me her hair tie. I accepted.

cleaning up

You know what’s sticky? Whipped cream.

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