‘Twas all for naught

Knitting November 16th, 2007

Note to the alert: Yes, I falsified the date stamp on this post.   It’s been sitting around, waiting for pictures for days.   Sue me.

On the way to Point Reyes a few weeks ago, I compelled Matt to stop in Fairfax so I could go to the yarn store. We were last in Fairfax in February, rather early in my knitting career. (We went hiking with the dogs in the water district, primarily notable because Henry sat in a puddle.) It was a little disappointing the second time around, as it’s more of a fabric shop than a yarn shop, but I managed to acquire a sock book and some lovely yarn that I had no plan for but loved the color of:

sheep shop yarn

We got home, I put the yarn in my stash, and that was that. Until I saw a post on the Yarn Harlot’s blog about a hat she designed. Eureka! I thought. There’s the perfect hat for my yarn.

I finally made it to the yarn store to buy needles last weekend. [Begin needle rant] Knitting needles come in different sizes. US sizes start at 0 (small) and go up from there. Metric sizes are equivalent to the diameter of the needle, and thus much more precise. Let’s say one needs a small US needle. There are four size zero needles. (0000, 000, 00, 0 — I only wish I were making this up.) To make things worse, size 0 might vary, depending on the manufacturer. Some are 1.75 mm and some are 2 mm. Remind me again why we don’t use the metric system? [End needle rant]

[Begin secondary needle rant] The pattern for this hat calls for 7 mm needles. When I get to the store, I find size 10.5 needles (6.5 mm) and size 11 needles (8 mm). The store employee suggested using the 10.5 size, so that’s what I bought. Mistake number 1: I know I tend to knit tightly. So why did I decide to buy needles that were already too small? Because the appropriate needles (US size 10.75, apparently) weren’t available. [End secondary needle rant]

I cast on for the hat today. It’s a lickety-split knit, and I finished tonight. Except. It’s too small.

too-small hat

So now I have to unravel it all (!!!) and start again. Poop.

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