Happy birthday to Henry

Greyhound related , Photo essay July 8th, 2007

A photo essay

(It was yesterday, actually, but Henry can’t tell.)

Here’s the picture that will go in the Needlenose News:

Henry’s birthday, posed

But here, loyal website readers, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Henry’s birthday party. It all started with the cake — two layers of rice crackers, frosted with peanut butter. The dogs were intrigued. So intrigued that it turned out to be difficult to maneuver them into position for the photo.

posing Henry

While I tried to position Henry, Philip eyed the cake.

Philip eyes cake

We tried a variety of takes to get a good shot. They had various flaws, such as the time Matt forgot his party hat.

first pose

We kept trying until the dogs had had enough.

the dogs are tired of posing

We then moved the party outside, to avoid peanut butter on the rug. Philip laid down first and was rewarded with the opportunity to lick the candles.

Philip licks candles

Henry took somewhat longer to catch on. I will confess to becoming somewhat exasperated.

exasperated Kim

Once he settled down, however, it was time to split the cake. Each dog got a layer.

cutting cake

Which they each enjoyed immensely.

Henry enjoys cake

Every. . . last. . . bit.

last drop

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