Farewell, old sofa

Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related , Photo essay June 30th, 2007

A photo essay

When we moved in, Auntie Jeanne kindly gave us some furnishings. We took a sofa and a rug with us from San Francisco. As the sofa was white, we carefully covered every bit up.

new sofa

Over time, we grew a little careless about keeping every bit covered, as long as most of it was.

Philip, upside down on sofa

And that worked. Until Henry came along.

Henry shreds sofa

Henry started on the back cushions. We kept them as long as we could. When the original upholstery gave out, we put the stuffing in pillowcases. To no avail. After making several meals of the back cushions, he started on the seat cushions.


He thought ripping out the stuffing and using it as a plaything was great fun.


We disagreed, but there’s no arguing with a walnut-sized brain. And so finally, the back cushions were shredded beyond repair, so we took them away. Henry then transferred his obsession on the seat cushions, until they, too, were very pathetic.

Henry on sofa

The cushion covers are gone. Large chunks are gone from the foam. The “sofa” has been rendered so uncomfortable, the dogs rarely sit on it any more. And the new sofa will be delivered on Monday. So, today, we gathered up the sofa innards scattered about the house and got ready to ceremonially dispose of the remains. Henry sat on the sofa once more, for old time’s sake.

final sofa

As much of the sofa bits as can fit are currently in the trash. The rest, bagged up, sit in the garage, and we’ll dispose of them in weekly installments. The sofa frame, cushionless, sits outside awaiting the next city dump date. (The dogs will probably use it in the meantime. Even without cushions, it’s softer than concrete.)

Auntie Jeanne — thank you.

And we’re sorry.

** Addendum, 7/7: The sofa is, indeed, still in use.

Philip on old sofa

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  1. emilyon 05 Jul 2007 at 4:53 pm

    i have shared this story with everyone in my life. thank you, pictorial essay.

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