This deserves its own category April 16th, 2007

Another first for me!

Okay, so this is somewhat misleading. I wasn’t in a brawl. Not exactly. Rather, I participated in a long, drawn-out attempt to disrupt a brawl. Between two girls. Who probably had four to six inches and fifty pounds on me. Each. In my fifth period class.

At its high point, the participants in attempted brawl disruption included:

  • Myself
  • The math teacher across the hall
  • A campus monitor
  • 7th grade VP
  • 8th grade VP
  • School principal
  • School resource officer (a.k.a. campus cop)

(There may have been others; it’s all kind of a blur.) My contribution was to get squished and hold the arm of one girl for what felt like an eternity. It was really fun. (I’m fine.) I’m also proud to say that I didn’t panic. Even when I was holding on like grim death, I manged to request assistance by telling a student, “I need you to get me some help, please.” To which he gave me a I-already-thought-of-that-you-moron-
look and informed me that the math teacher was on his way.

My favorite commentary on this incident came later, when another teacher dropped by to commiserate. “Some people have all the fun,” she said. “Just think, all you needed was a mud pit and you could have had mud wrestling.” Indeed.

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